What’s Next?

Riots, protests and power struggles during a Pandemic.

What Do We Need Now?

Today is June 1, 2020, but November 3rd, 2020 seems to be what’s on our President’s mind according to his tweet this morning.

Not Covid-19 Deaths. Not Protests. Not George Floyd. Not Destruction. Not Riots. Not Public Safety. Not Children. Not the Vulnerable.

November 3rd is what the President tweeted. Actually, the President tweeted: “NOVEMBER 3RD.” For some reason, the President felt the need to tweet in all caps.

On this we can all agree. We need to prepare now for November 3rd.

It is election day, and it is also very possible 11/3/2020 is a day we will experience another wave of deaths from Covid-19.

What do we need to do now to prepare for November 3rd?

Do we need to register to vote? Do those who were protesting or rioting need to get tested Covid-19 and isolate if they are carriers? Do we need to be prepared mentally and physically to lose loved ones who may be vulnerable, nurses, doctors, first responders and all who are on the front lines today? What if those who are suppose to care and protect us are not around or worse yet, not alive, for us in November. Then what?

My mother died 27 days ago today from Covid-19. She was in a nursing home, got a fever and died 9 days later. I am still in pain, and I am biased because I have seen death and a funeral — with my own eyes, but only on Zoom and Facetime.

Today, I pray that all who are on the front lines and all who are watching the destruction and violence will prepare for what’s next.

We live in dangerous times, but we also live in a time of disruption. Disruption can be for the better or for the worse. It’s up to US to decide. And yes. In the USA we have the power to see today as an opportunity to prepare, to reconcile. We can chose compassion, calm, connection, clarity, love and courage when we consider the tough questions we face today.

May God bless and protect us all —



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Pamela Conley Ulich

Girl from Kansas living the California dream. Believes we can make the world better when we search for truth and bring love every day. PamelaConleyUlich.com