“Spare” — A Rare and Raw Vulnerable Must Listen to Book where a Soldier, also known as Prince Harry, opens up his Heart and Shares his Grief, Grit, Grace and Growth with the World.

Pamela Conley Ulich
1 min readJan 23
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I love libraries and reading books, but in this instance, I recommend listening to “Spare” to hear the raw feelings (and correct annunciations) from the late and great Princess Diana’s son — Harry.

I find it interesting that many of my friends have refused to read “Spare” for various reasons; however, I hope my friends and the world will pause, open their hearts and listen to Prince Harry’s book.

If they do give this Prince a chance, I predict he may help change history and show how the power of the press can also kill truth along with many true blue heroes.

I love the hummingbird imagery used in the book, and in my heart I do believe Harry’s Mom and Grandmother are in both in heaven celebrating the courage of this magnificent man and new father.

Long live Prince Harry, his family and the open and magnanimous heart and light he shines upon all.

Pamela Conley Ulich

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