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Life is short, and then you die. This is a universal truth. I hope that we can take a moment right now to stop. To breath. To think about how we are living our one precious life.

My mom taught me what it means to be a role model and to fight for what is right, even when it’s so much easier to just give up. She died from Covid on May 5, 2020. I was unable to see her, to hold her, to help her or to say good bye in person. Not much has changed since her death. The Covid death count continues to rise. One thing is certain, we still don’t know when or how this pandemic will ever end.

This Monday we will remember a “Founding Father” Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. What a blessing he was and is to our world and as we enter into this long weekend, many may have some extra time to reflect on the good deeds and wise words of Dr. King.

Dr. King, was also taken too soon and without warning from another disease that is even more deadly than Covid — hatred.

As I reread the sermon Dr. King delivered in November 1957, I was inspired by how relevant and wise his words are even today.

In this sermon, Dr. King emphasizes that “hate for hate only intensifies the existence of hate and evil in the universe. . . . The strong person is the person who can cut off the chain of hate, the chain of evil. . . . and inject within the very structure of the universe that strong and powerful element of love.”

This powerful sermon also gives clues as to how we can “matriculate into the university of eternal life.”

According to Dr. King’s sermon, it appears we must:

1) Have/find the power to love our enemies.

2) Bless those who curse us.

3) Decide to be good to those who hate us.

4) Pray for those who “despitefully used us.”

5) “Join together in great fellowship of love and bow down before the feet of Jesus.”

Today, I will do something that I do not want to do. Something I fear. Inspired by the wise words of Dr. King , I will write my obituary so my loved one’s will not have to.

I love you all with all of my heart and soul. In my heart, I believe love will never die. May my love for you, family, friends, and our planet live in you, until we meet again in God’s heavenly kingdom where we will live forever as family.

May God, Grace, grit, gratitude, peace and love be with you now and forever –




Pamela Conley Ulich

Girl from Kansas living the California dream. Believes we can make the world better when we search for truth and bring love every day.