3–2–1- Malibu — Here we come!

Disney and Malibu — How will the Magic Continue?

“Disney has reopened its Shanghai theme park with new physical distancing rules…Visitors must wear face masks, undergo temperature checks on arrival and be given timed entry slots in a much changed theme park experience. Tickets for the reopening on Monday went on sale on Friday and sold out within minutes. Visitor numbers are limited to 30% of the park’s 80,000 usual capacity.

Only visitors with a green rating on China’s health QR code app will be allowed through the gates, further embedding the use of the digital passport-like documents that have allowed some Chinese citizens to move relatively freely, but which have restricted others.” See https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/may/11/coronavirus-disney-reopens-shanghai-theme-park-with-many-restrictions

Malibu is a lot like Disney Land.

It is world famous and people flock here because the ocean and mountains are magical.

Unlike Disney however, Malibu is free free free for all and there is zero accountability or thought or ability to control the millions of people who will be descending upon Malibu — especially now and because the beaches are scheduled to reopen on Wednesday May 13, 2020.

I do fear for the safety for all in this very trying time. I hope and pray all will be courteous and respectful so we can avoid more deaths and despair. If anyone has any ideas about how we can work with our community, county, state and federal government to insure we will all be safe — NOW is the time. We need creative ideas for ways to insure all will be safe.

I have faith that we can and will work together to insure we do not have a second, even more deadly wave of Covid-19. In my heart, however, I also believe that until Covid-19 kills you or a member of your family, many will chose to through caution to the proverbial wind and Covid-19 will not just survive, it will thrive well into 2021. I hope my heart is wrong.

Love only-

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