Are Face Masks A Violation of Civil Liberties? Give Me Liberty Not to Wear A Mask and Give Me the Right to be OK with Death

Today a Facebook friend who is a mom with three young daughters posted on her page: “I’m over wearing my mask” and she called those who support wearing mask’s “sheep.”

Is her not wearing a mask helping or hurting others? What kind of a role model is this mom? I vowed not to JIF — Judge, Interpret or Fix, but can I at least ask questions?

In my heart, I feel that until Covid-19 kills you or a member of your family, like it did mine, many will chose to through caution to the proverbial wind and Covid-19 will not just survive, it will thrive well into 2021.

Today, LA County opened beaches to active recreation. When I went running today with my mask on Zuma beach as people were frolicking in the sea and sitting in the sand carefree. Although a few people were wearing masks, the majority were not. From 6 feet away as I passed I asked — did you forget your masks? They responded no we don’t believe in them. Here we go. God help us all.

I hope and pray our health care system will be able to manage the tsunami of Covid-19 patients in the coming days, weeks and year and that when the deaths and funerals start to spike we all remember that we did what we could, when we could to help, and not hurt, others.

Another day to let go let God — because that’s seems to be the only strategy I can rely on. What actions can we take in this Covid-19 time to help and not hurt others? I for one, will wear my mask and continue to pray.



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Pamela Conley Ulich

Pamela Conley Ulich

Girl from Kansas living the California dream. Believes we can make the world better when we search for truth and bring love every day.